Unplanned spending and How to Stop!

Are you an impulse buyer? Don’t worry, a lot of people impulse buy! Here’s how to stop!

  • Make a list!
  • Understand the value of money and how much you’d need to work for each item.
  • Ask yourself if you really need the item!
  • Estimate the amount of money you will spend at the store and only bring that much.
  • Think about how many things you’ve bought and lost, thrown out, or forgot about.

Basically, people spend a lot of money on things they REALLY DON’T NEED! You can stop this. I hope these tips helped you out. Be sure to check out my other impulse buying post!images-1.jpegUnknown-1.jpegBehavioral-Psychology-Impulse-Buying1.jpgimages.jpeg

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