MMD With Me! Volunteering Pt. 2

  • Where do you volunteer?

I volunteer at the senior center as well as different events through the library ex. book sales.

  • How do you recommend getting involved in volunteering?

Check out bulletin boards and your library! Ours has a Teen Advisory Board which has allowed me to do a lot of volunteer work. Check out town run buildings such as a community or senior center. The town paper might have some volunteer positions advertised as well like a town cleanup.

  • At what age did you start volunteering?

On a regular basis, 13.

  • What benefits does volunteering have?

Volunteering benefits both your community and yourself. You can use volunteering for your college application and resume. Volunteering benefits your community because you are saving them money and helping them out.

  • Any last tips?

Write down all your volunteer work so you don’t forget what you’ve done!

Any other questions? COMMENT BELOW! And you’ll hear back from me right away.

Check out Volunteering Pt.1! 

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