What money teaches you!

I have learned that money teaches you a lot of things from watching others and my personal experience. Click MORE to learn what money teaches you!

Here’s what money teaches you:

  • Money makes the world go ’round! Without money, nothing would have value. There would be no work.
  • If you’re in debt it’s extremely difficult to get out. Debt piles up and up and up. Always consider interest rates, that’s what gets you.
  • Spending money is not a permeant way to be happy. Yes, yes spending money on something might make your day. Especially if you really wanted new sneakers and you just got them. However, this will not lead to permeant happiness, that you need to find within yourself. (I sound very quote-y aahaha)
  • Everything has value. You work hard and you can save up and even spend a little. You understand that everything you buy has a worth.
  • Work hard and set financial goals. Having money is considered success! Money pushes you to work hard, because who doesn’t want a raise, higher position, or more hours. Right?

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