Piggy Banks?! Are they the new thing?

Piggy banks? No!? Well, YES! Piggy banks (savings jars) are a great way to save up for something you want without digging into your bank account (Try to keep that money where it is for special cases-Post coming soon!!!)

Heres how it works:

  • Make an awesome piggy bank however you like. Mine is a mason jar!
  • I have certain incomes (typically odd jobs or Poshmark) that I cash and put in my spendingsĀ jar.
  • Have a direct reason to save. Whether it be to save for your future and act like a temporary bank or a spending money spot, set a reason.
  • Set a goal amount. How much do you want to save?
  • Set a time frame. A key to reaching your goal! (Check out my post on goals)
  • Make sure you don’t dive in! Stick with your goal!

There you have it, a simple kids mini-bank turned into a way to save money to spend! If your into tracking your money, which I highly recommend, check out my exclusive budget binder post and VIDEO featured only on my blog!



Questions to ask yourself-How much do I want to save?

Skills-Goal setting, spending, & working hard for your money!

Key Vocabulary-Piggy bank: A place to put loose change and money.

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