Try The Stock Market Challenge: No real money involved!

I have a fun game/challenge for kids looking to learn about the stock market.  This is a fun game that we do at the end of the school year, I figured out how to use excel and created pages to fill out.

The password for the Word document and Excel pages are: stock

First you do your “Stock Shopping” heres how! Fill out this sheet:  Stock Shopping List

After shopping pick the stocks you want to purchase. You will start out with $5,000 in FAKE I REPEAT FAKE AGAIN FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE, UNREAL MONEY, IN OTHER WORDS PRETEND, UNREAL!

Once you start on the stock market stater sheet and then move onto the actual challenge you may not change your stocks or how many shares you have!!!!

Stock market starter sheet: Stock Market Starter Sheet

After, once you are ready to start the challenge click here: Stock Market Challenge Sheet


Everything is all set up so the computer will do the math for you please if you want it to work don’t change anything!

Let me know if you have any questions and have a great June!

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