Scholarships Pt. 2

Hello! I would like to end April with a few scholarship links to help get you started in the SCHOLARSHIP SEARCH! A lot of people don’t apply the scholarships because of two reasons. 1. laziness 2. they don’t know where to look. CRAZINESS! I will provide you with a few links and helpful tips to get some money.

LESSON: Every dollar you get from scholarships is one less you have to pay.


  • Be aware of scams! (Check out my Scams post) 
  • Research your heritage, there are many foundations that will offer scholarships and trips to the country your from!
  • Check out local scholarships from: grocery stores, sports teams, educational activities (Geography/spelling bee), and organizations!
  • Keep track of scholarships so you won’t forget any!
  • Join organizations and clubs as well as volunteer for more opportunities!

Links and Info


Paying for college can be hard. This is because college can be very expensive! The last thing you want when you are in college and after college is to have a big pile of student loans and debt.  Scholarships can be considered “free money” because it pretty much is.  There are many types of scholarships you can get for different amounts of money.  Some scholarships are for a certain college, some are for your choice of college, and some a cash or check. Some scholarships are from big companies, museums, or a group of people.

Here are some things you can get a scholarship for:

  • Baking
  • Writing
  • Poetry
  • Good grades
  • Creativeness
  • Robotics
  • Doing good in your community
  • Sports

Thing to remember:

  • Scholarships can range from a variety of prices
  • Be aware of scams
  • Understand the rules and closing date of the scholarship
  • A scholarship is sort of like a contest 🙂

Words to know:

  • Debt: Money that is owed or being in the state of owing money.
  • Scholarship: a grant (gift of money given to do something with) or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded according to the student or persons academic achievement.

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