Fun ways to save money in the spring!

I have some great, fun ways to save money when it’s starting to get warmer outside!

  1. Don’t have ice-cream? Make your own in a fun science experiment or make your own slushes with ice and juice to cool off!
  2. Shop at discount stores to get the best prices on cute clothes! Also check out Poshmark  🙂
  3. Instead of going out to eat, make a fun meal with friends like tacos or pancakes
  4. On cold spring days, skip a $12 movie ticket and make your own projector or have a fun movie night at home
  5. Is the rain keeping you in? Invite some friends over and have a clothing or random items swap. This is a fun way to get new stuff by trading to eliminate purchases in the future.

I hope you try some of these out and have fun with it :p

Now posting on the 13th and 27th of each month!


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