Money Vocabulary!

Here are some money terms you NEED TO KNOW!

  • Stock Market: A stock exchange
  • ATM: Automated Teller Machine, Automatically dispenses money (both deposit and withdrawal)
  • Transaction: A process of depositing or withdrawing money
  • Tax: Money given to the government

And many more! Comment below what word you’d like me to define in a more kid friendly way!

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    • Kids Money Blog

      Hey Terry!
      -Options are different paths you can take. -EMT stands for: Email-Money-Transfer! According to, the definition for EMT is, “A retail banking service that allows users to transfer funds between personal accounts using email and their online banking service. Email money transfers are considered secure because only the notification of transfer is done through email.”
      I thought that definition made the most sense. In fact, I learned something new as well! Thanks for your question.
      –Aleksandra from KMB–

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