How to: Not be tempted to spend money.

HEY! Todays post is how not to be tempted to spend money.

So here it goes: I’m not talking about impulse buying, even though it might be part of the problem.  I’m talking about going out with friends after school to eat or go shopping. It’s not bad on an occasion. Going out to eat is tough and typically you end up paying for a friends meal as well 😦 On shopping trips, somebody typically will come up with the brilliant idea of, “Lets all get matching leggings!” when you go to check out, $60 leaves your wallet! Here are some tips for not getting caught up it the crowd and spending money.

  1. Talk yourself out of what you’re purchasing. Think about what you already have, typically you don’t NEED more clothing!
  2. Don’t go out to eat frequently or work it into your budget.
  3. Pack your own lunch and go out for a picnic instead of going out to eat. (saves $$ and it MUCH healthier!)

Hopefully these tips help! Don’t forget to check out my other posts and YouTube channel! ❤ Aleksandra from KMB

(Update: 2017 I have not spent any money going out to eat or shopping with friends! I’ve started a budget binder to help me see what I’m spending! March 13, 2017 I have a post going up on starting a budget binder!)

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