How Can: Social Media Help Your business grow?

Hey guys! I’m trying to write more posts now:)

Today I will discuss the topic of social media and how it can help your business grow + some tips and tricks on getting more followers! Let’s get started

Here is a list of social media platforms that are great to “get your name out there”

  • Twitter-Tell everyone what your up to!
  • Facebook-Is great if you have a blog to advertise your posts
  • INSTAGRAM-Connect with people like you and advertise yourself for job opportunities/career path. For example, if you like video games and you want to be a game designer, make an Instagram to show people what your up to!
  • Youtube-A great way to get in touch with people (+ you can make $$$)
  • Pinterest-Show your followers what your into

HOW TO GET MORE FOLLOWERS: Follow people who are in the same “group” as you, Ex. if you are a fashion blogger, follow other fashion bloggers and people mostly will follow you back!

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