How to: Make money in the winter

It is cold outside, and where I live it’s snowing!  I can’t do jobs that I normally would do in the summer time. Today, I’ll give you 3 jobs you can do in the winter time!

  1. Shovel snow. Do you know any neighbors around you? Ask if you can shovel their driveway. **Never take snow of anybody’s car, If you scratch it, they won’t be happy!**
  2. Gift wrapping! During the holiday season, people can get overwhelmed by the amount of gifts they need to wrap! Put an ad out on Facebook (stay tuned for a social media post on how social media can help your business!) for your services!
  3. Hot Cocoa stand! It might be cold out, but bundle up and set up a hot cocoa stand at the bottom of a popular sledding hill or busy street corner (Just be careful) 🙂

I hope you enjoyed these few tips on making money! Be sure to check out the Poll on my page as well as my other posts! Make sure you check out my youtube channel: KidsMoney!


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