MMD-Asking Leah for Advise

My best friend Leah agreed to let me give her an interview to give you crucial information on chores and her insight on making money.

  • What is something you are passionate about (money-wise)?

“Making money.”

  • What are ways you make money?


  • What kind of chores?

“Cleaning the house, or the yard.”

  • Do you use a chore chart?

“Yes. We organize the chart by job and amount of money.”

  • Have you ever had any other job

“We dog sat. I have also shoveled snow.”

  • How many driveways have you shoveled? How much did you make?

“I have shoveled 3 driveways several times. Each driveway I made $3-$5.  Approximately, over about 7 years, I have made $70.”

  • Do you think it is important for kids to make money? And why.

“They can learn how to spend their money wisely and save for the future.”

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