MMD-Asking Cara for Advise

Cara, my friend is an average tween looking to make money and save it, she let me give her a little interview to give you (kids) a point of view.

  • Why do you like having Money?

Cara told me she likes to save up for summer trips.

“I’m free to buy things myself, if they are not to expensive”

  • Why do you feel money is important?

“I feel pride for not having to ask parents for money.”

  • Do you think it is important for you to have money?

“Money will help you in your future.”

  • How do you think money is important for the future?

“To pay for college or any education that will help you in your future or current job.”

  • Do you think money can be considered a chain reaction?

“Yes, having money now will lead to a good college, a successful job, and later help you start a family.”


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