How to Have a Fundraiser

I had a fundraiser with some of my friends a little while ago to support our local homeless shelter.  It was actually really fun and if you have a group of good friends who would like to help out the community with you,  try it out.  In the 3 hours we were outside Stop & Shop, we raised $488.78!  The next day we brought all the money to the homeless shelter, they were super excited and were surprised that a group of kids would do such a thing all on their own.  I’m going to give you our tips and tricks to a successful fundraiser.  At the end of this post, there will be a pdf file of all the charts and plans for a successful fundraiser.  Also if you would like to see a video about fundraising let me know in the comments!

1.  Make a plan of action!  Who’s going to be the main leader? Who will be in charge of the money? Make sure you have all the jobs planned out.

2.  Decide what you will be doing to fundraise.  We did a bake sale/hot cocoa/hot apple cider stand.  Make sure your event goes along with the season. Don’t do a lemonade stand when it’s snowing.

3.  Where will your event be. Ours was in front of a grocery store. You could even have the event in a public park or town square. Just remember ask the store manager or town hall when you decide where you want your event to be.

4.  Who’s bringing what? If you are having a bake sale, who will bring the cookies, cinnamon buns, or brownies?  Homemade goods usually sell fast!  Also don’t forget about things you might need such as a table, cups and lids, or anything that you need while serving your costumers.

5. Choose a good date. Make sure most people are out of work so weekends are a good time to have a fundraiser.

6. The money! If people are paying in cash, make sure you have change, if people can pay in check, have a “Make all checks payable to __________” sign so people know who to make out the checks to.

7. Use a list/plan. I have included at the end of this post, a pdf of a list/plan you can use for an organized fundraiser!

Important Info to a successful fundraiser:  Your products aren’t going to sell themselves! Trust me if we would’ve been sitting behind the table waiting for people to come they won’t. Stop people for a second even if they are walking. Include that you are donating the money to a good cause and say something to grab peoples attention. This was our script:  Would you like to change someones life? All the money we earn will go straight to people in need.

Learn a good catch line to grab peoples attention. If yours isn’t working, try something different.  Make sure to be active, happy, and speak LOUD AND CLEAR!

Plan/List: FUNdraising planning sheet! *Every event is different and you may have different things to plan. This is a basic checklist to keep you on track. Give a copy to everyone in your event to make sure they understand everything that is going on.


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