What is Impulse Buying?

Have you gone to a store and before you walk in the store is trying to sell you stuff? What about when you are at the cash register the gum, lip balm, or candles? Those are all things the store wants you to buy but you did not even know you wanted to buy it. Impulse buying is what stores want you to do so you spend more money! Before you buy something think about it! The stores want you to buy more things they will do anything: colorful adds, nice and fancy displays, flyers, the list goes on and on! If you were planning to buy something before you went to the store then it’s not impulse buying, if you go to the store and buy a bunch of stuff then you are impulse buying! One way you can stop this is stick to the list! Make a list of what kind of food or other things you want to buy and don’t buy anything more. Impulse buying is bad for your wallet so don’t spend money on unneeded things! Just be careful what you spend your money on, it all adds up fast! Be smart on what you buy and you’ll be happy.

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