Video Recaps

Here are some video Recaps:

  • A resume tells a story about your background and you decide how it’s told. On an application you can only write down what they ask for.
  • Be sure what you write is clear and no vague information.
  • You need to write thing that will make you special and unique. You want to show the employer what makes you special, different, and the right person for the job.
  • Start to take notes right now this will help you build your resume when you need it,    weather you will need it next year or in three years.  the earlier you start, the more great things you have to put on your resume. also you will have great detail because you wrote it down two years ago and you don’t have to try to remember what you did.
  •  If you volunteer it will do many positive things for you.  It will give you experience, contacts, and it will make you feel good
  • But when it comes to getting a job it makes a good impression on an employer. It will also help by making connections and networking.
  • When you go to an interview, you have to be yourself it will be obvious if you aren’t or if you’re nervous be nervous. Let them know you are nervous because you really want to work there.  Dress appropriately for the job.
  • When you are asking for a job, it will take practice so be prepared for failure. But don’t give up you will get better. And learn from your mistakes which means don’t beat yourself up over them.
  • Even if they don’t hire you, they might keep your resume and information for another job so you might want to check back in if they’re hiring for another position.
  •  If you really want the job, check back weekly or every other week. If you go every Tuesday always go on Tuesday. Keep it consistent. And don’t give up. They will soon realize how much you want to work there.

Here is the resume pdf:

Better- (CLICK HERE)Better Resume

Typical-  (CLICK HERE)Typical Resume




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