Get on the right path with Important highlights From My Video

Here are some important points you should remember from the video.

Link to the Video:

  • You should always have a financial goal!
    • Check out the goal page, soon there will be more posts about goal setting
  • Try to put money in your bank account every other week or every week!
  • Start to save Early
    • Don’t spend all your money, put it into your savings account and think about long term not just saving for a trip.  Save for your Future
  • Don’t impulse buy!
    • When you are at the store and you did not plan to buy a shirt or gum but it catches your eye so you buy it.  This is great marketing that gets you to spend your money when you didn’t plan to.  Don’t fall into the trap! You would be surprised how much you will save.
  • Only buy what you need not what you want!
    • Otherwise you will be spending money on thing you don’t need or won’t use.
  • If you learn good money management skill when you are young you will have it for the rest of your life.
  • Look presentable before you go to get a job.
    • If you don’t people won’t hire you.
  • If you are going door to door asking for a job make sure you speak clearly and follow up if nobody is home.
    • Also be happy and know what you want to charge don’t ask them how much they will you pay.
  • If you want to mow lawns or shovel driveways, make sure you know how, You don’t want to be asking how do you start a lawnmower!
  • You can be any age and find a way to make money, when you are younger it might be harder to find a job but there are jobs you can do!
  • If you have a good product, you should start a business!

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