20 Chores You Can Do At Home

Here is a list of 20 chores you can do at home:

(I sometimes do things like the take out trash or dishes but don’t get paid, it’s up to your parents if they want to pay you and how much.)

  1. Wash dishes
  2. Fold clothes
  3. Wash clothes
  4. Clean rooms
  5. Empty trash cans
  6. Bring out the trash
  7. Wash floors
  8. Clean table
  9. Wash counter tops
  10. Sweep
  11. Vacuum
  12. Pick flowers
  13. Plant flowers
  14. Cook
  15. Put away dishes
  16. Cut out coupons
  17. Put food in the refrigerator or cabinets
  18. Clean out the refrigerator or cabinets
  19. Clean rugs or floors
  20. Wash the car

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  1. ezekiel283

    It is great that you are encouraging other kids to go into the world and learn the value of work and saving for your financial goals. You have a great entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to teach others. The interviews were quite interesting and concise. The negotiation for the value of your work and time are good skills to learn. The relationships you develop with your customers and coworkers will give you life long benefits. Who you work for and the motivation for working are sometimes more important than what you do and how you do it.

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