Goals and Financial Goals

Goals and financial goals are very important to have. They help you achieve and plan out what you want to do in your life. You can have both long term and short term goals. Make sure that you understand your goal and know what you need to do to achieve it. Now you need to figure out your goals. What career do you want? What about financial goals? How about your education? Once you figure out what you want to achieve you can set lifetime goals that could be 25 years! Make sure that your goals and plans will fit in your lifestyle. Once you decide your first goal, you need to keep on course. Everyday see what you can do to help your goal to-do list. Make sure when you set your goals you don’t set them to hard, unreasonable, or to small. Make sure you are precise and write your goals down and anything you did to help your goal. Unreasonable goals are bad to set because you are probably not going to be able to finish or start your goal! Think your goals through! What skills, information, or help will you need during your goals? Do you need to do a lot of things for your goal? Since you now know the basics of goals setting you should know what do to when you finish a goal. You should be happy and proud that you finished a goal. If your goal was easily achieved make the next one harder or longer. But if your goal was to hard and long make the next one shorter or easier. What happened if your goal failed? You probably didn’t try hard enough or your goal was unrealistic. Now it’s time to set your goals, here are 10 questions to help:

  1. What is the goal?
  2. When will you start?
  3. When will you finish?
  4. What will  you do when you finish the goal?
  5. Will you need anybody to help you with your goal?
  6. Is it a long term or short term goal?
  7. Is the goal to hard or unreasonable?
  8. Who will you talk to about you goal?
  9. Do you understand your goal completely?
  10. Things you want to achieve during your goal:

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