What are Scams?

What are scams and how do they affect your money? Well, scams can be anything! There are scams on the T.V, Magazines, flyers, e-mail, and the Internet! Scamming is when people try to get your money or information. For Example: Al wanted to buy a laptop. He found a great deal on a website called BUY-STUFF-CHEAPER-THAN-CHEAP. The laptop was only $100! What a great deal! Al sent the money but never got his laptop! He got scammed! He lost $100! If something doesn’t feel right or is to good to be true walk away from the deal.

So as you can see scamming is bad, really bad! People lose money from scammers and their personal information.



  1. Never give away personal information
  2. Always research a seller or website before you buy
  3. If something seems to good to be true, It is!


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