Do you Really Need Math and Money?

Math? What? Yes, math! Math is very important when having a business, counting money, figuring out how to tip your waiter, and pretty much you use math for everything!


1. You are at a diner. You are very happy about the experience and food. You just got your bill. The price you have to pay is $13.00. You want to give your waiter a full tip. But how do you tip your waiter? Follow these steps:

-For amazing service tip around 20% of the $13 that would be $2.60

-For Pretty good service tip 15% or $1.95

-For okay service tip 10% or $1.30

All you are doing is taking a percentage of the $13 and giving it to the waiter as an extra.

2. You are counting pennies you have 981 pennies you wanted to know how much money you have. Follow these steps:

-100 pennies = $1

-If you had 900 pennies you would have $9

– Don’t forget about your 81 left over pennies so in total you would have $9.81

So you have $9.81! Simple addition, right!



1. You use math for everything. Including money!

2. Math is important for opening a business!

3. Do not make math problems with money hard!


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