What Is “L.W.Y.S”

We had a great day of filming the video in Northampton, Mass.

Money! Everyone wants it, you use it everyday, and you $PEND it. You use money for everything! Money is a piece of paper with value you earn it, get it as gifts, and sometimes you inherit it. But however way you get it you need it to save for collage, buy gum or clothes, or new toys. But what if you tried not to spend money. NO new clothes or NO new toys use what you have for a while. That doesn’t mean to ask your parents to buy clothes and toys for you. If you don’t think you can do it L.W.Y.S or Limit What You Spend. Say it L.W.Y.S also say it at the store when you standing in front of a toy or pretty blue dress you want and then ask yourself if you really need the toy or dress.

EXAMPLE: (Try to figure out who is the smart shopper)

Suzy was at the store with her friend Sally. Suzy wanted a new dress but she had one that was similar except the one she wants to buy is blue instead of the one that she already has that is yellow. Then Sally said, “L.W.Y.S.” But Suzy still bought the blue dress.

Suzy should have reminded herself L.W.Y.S and she shouldn’t have bought the dress because she has the same one except in a different color.

Sally was the best because she remembered the rule L.W.Y.S

THE WINNER IS: Sally because she remembered the rule!



1.Remember L.W.Y.S

2.Don’t buy things just to be cool

3.Ask yourself do you really need it?


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